Creating Woman Space through Angry Indian Goddesses

I find it extremely difficult to analyse this movie because of the sheer emotion it made me feel. But I really need to, because when I looked up the reviews it had gotten, I was thoroughly disappointed. Angry Indian Goddesses has been called ‘an every issue movie’ that’s taken too much on its plate, that it ‘tumbled down’ when things shifted from light humour to rape, that it showcases a very stereotypical characters and that the movie was really about women trying to take on the space of men. Continue reading “Creating Woman Space through Angry Indian Goddesses”


An Amateur Attempt at Psychoanalyzing Maya Deren’s ‘Meshes of the Afternoon’

Maya Deren had stated in section 3B of The Anagram that her film, Meshes of the Afternoon should not be psychoanalyzed. But as mentioned in Inception, when one is told not to think about elephants, that’s exactly what one does. This paper is an amateur attempt to take certain psychoanalytic concepts and apply them to the film. Continue reading “An Amateur Attempt at Psychoanalyzing Maya Deren’s ‘Meshes of the Afternoon’”

Virtual Images and Synesthesia in Kieslowski’s ‘Blue’

I watched this film on the top berth in a train traveling from Ahmedabad to Delhi. What struck me was the conscious depth of image and sound. Then again, I guess that’s present in any well thought film. But let me tell you how these elements were used here, specifically. 

But first, 

Continue reading “Virtual Images and Synesthesia in Kieslowski’s ‘Blue’”

t – 7 hours

With 7 hours left to catch a train to Delhi, I was at the NID library (the KMC) trying to cache in all that I could for summer readings (hail JStor) when it hit me.

This needs a blog.
My name is Mrinalini and I’ve just completed the foundation year at design school. Next term I’ll be taking up Film and Video Communication. While this degree leans more towards the professional side than the academic, it doesn’t go to say I can’t make this a personal initiative- a bold statement that I’m daring to make, maybe in-order to guilt an demotivated future self, maybe because of the cabin ventilation.
10 hours in a train now. Lets make it worth it.